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Need more transparent audit of the department of road transport (JPJ).

Road transport department is actively running a massive operation to detect vehicles that use no plate not according to specifications, the use of tinted glass and extra lighting.

Many of the issues arising from the public who are dissatisfied with the actions of the JPJ issued summonses for these mistakes.

This is because the problem does not arise in the implementation of this operation. They want a more transparent inspection done, not only in public, but in a vehicle owned by a member of law enforcement as well.

This issue arises when a social media users have uploaded pictures of the car said top officials of the road transport department, the use of tinted glass and no plate specification.


Car said to belong to the road transport department officials.

In issues like this, we as a people, asking the government to look into this matter seriously. Do not just focus on public transport only. See also the members of law enforcement vehicles. Because they are subject to the law. Or they are "free from the law?".

They enforce the laws that they themselves are not able to participate. How to educate the public?

Things like this is actually happening here. The law should be on, and enforced by the agencies involved. Instead, the law under the agency.

If we look at the responses of the authorities, in which the use of tinted glass can be difficult for authorities to detect mistakes made by drivers. Please refer back to the use of advantages of tinted glass.

Drivers, especially women, will be safer. Car theft and robbery are becoming more common. Items in the vehicle are also covered.

If the reason for the authorities is difficult for authorities to track offenses committed driver, please refer to the developed countries that allow the use of tinted glass. Please note an example of how members of their enforcement, drivers detect errors in their country.

Again, we truly need a more transparent examination of the authorities. We've just loaded with the current financial situation here. Do not provide an easy excuse, "if you do not like to stay in this country, please go abroad". It's also our country. It belongs to all, and not the individual.

Towards a developed nation by 2020


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