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Haram becomes halal. People began to challenge Allah.

Today, in Malaysia, we were shocked with the news, the man dressed in women's, won the case in court. Men dressed as women or vice versa is one thing that is contrary to the teachings of Islam and hence it should be blocked.

It is the will and the law of Islam is not customary for us to legalize whim. Illegal for men to resemble women. If the problem is not addressed, there will be other issues that are much bigger and certainly more severe.

It's like preventing religious officials to perform their duties. It also seems to allow for change of sex in malaysia. This is a blatant violation of "hukum Allah".

Remember the story of Nabi Luth? I have attached some of the story.

By dawn, when Prophet Lut, some of his own family and is quite far from the city of Sodom, then down the wrath of God. Allah ordered the angels to cut both sides of the land border with the people of Sodom with both wings. Then dijulang earth high into the sky and reversed parts top to bottom, bottom to top, then slammed hard into the ground. Sodom was destroyed and buried in the practice of homosexuality in the bowels of the earth.

Then the area was bombarded by stones of baked clay with a barrage. And it was also the end of the square formation of an ocean. Ocean dubbed `Mati` Sea. It is a symbol of the greatness of Allah, as well as a sign of His justice in the world is that humans always glorify and magnify His law.

Do we want something like this to happen in our time? Enough with all kinds of disasters that we have received here. Do not add more to the sins you do.

Remember, the promise of Allah is true. Fire of God is true. Not insured by any human being on earth, with what in hell.

Immediately repent. Before the sentence was reached. Life on earth is temporary. Hereafter is eternal. Every living thing must die. Nothing is permanent in the face of the earth.

Remember to qualify for the dead is alive. And all life on earth was already qualified. And the closest thing to a man is dead.


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