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Effect of stress.

Many adverse effects will occur to us as a result of the stress that we face. And these are examples of the impact.

Cognitive symptoms

- Memory problems.
- Inability to concentrate.                                          
- Poor judgement.
- Seeing only the negative.
- Anxious or racing thoughts.
- Constant worrying.

Emotional Symptoms.

- Moodiness.
- Irritability or short temper.
- Agitation and inability to relax.
- Feeling overwhelmed.
- Sense of loneliness and isolation.
- Depression or general unhappiness.

Physical symptoms.

- Aches and pains.
- Diarrhea or constipation
- Nausea and/or dizziness
- Chest pain and/or rapid heartbeat
- Lost of sex drive.
- Frequent colds.
- Eating more or less.
- Sleeping too much or too little.
- Isolating yourself from others.
- Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities.
- Using alcohol, cigarettes or drug to relax.
- Nervous habits ( e.g nail biting, pacing)

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