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Please pay attention.

Studies made ​​by Muhammad Abdul Khalid, economist, in his book "the color of ineguality: ethnicty, class, income and wealth in malaysia" outlines the reality is:

1. More than 53% of Malaysians do not have any financial assets.

2. 10% of the rich, controlling 77% of the total financial assets of the country.

3. 80% of low-income people only have 5.5% of the country's financial assets.

4. More than 70% of Malaysians who do not have any financial assets is the "Bumiputera".

5. While ASB is reserved for the "bumiputera" but over 55% of the "bumiputera" do not have an account ASB.

6. 72% of the "bumiputera" who save in ASB only had an average of RM554 a savings equivalent to only 2.6% of the total savings ASB.

7. Rich people among the "bumiputera" that amounted to only 0.2% of total depositors ASB has 1.5 times the overall savings of 80% ASB other ordinary savers.

8. Statistical ownership of the financial asset reflects the majority of the people do not have surplus income after deducting debts and monthly expenses to save or invest.

9. It reflects how bad the problem of disposable income Malaysians.

10. The gap between the rich and poor is widening.

What can you do now? Just read but no action? Maybe it doesn't mean anything to you but not to your generation.

Start saving your wealth. Save real wealth and not temporary.

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