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Is it still a secret?

Normal or not, we are faced with a situation where someone shares a secret with us and asked us not to tell this secret to anyone else.

My question is, if it is called secret, and know more than one person, is it still called a secret?

I am constantly faced with situations like this. When a friend tells something and asked me to keep a secret, and I keep it as a secret. But this story is also known by other people. When I asked, how else can know, he said, he also shared his story with others.

I personally wonder if they know what the secret meaning.

I'm sure everyone has their own secret. I personally keep a secret known only to me and God.

This is called a secret. This story is only known by a few or only the owner is themselves. Not for most people. If it's called a secret, but known to all colleagues, do not call it a secret.

If it is called a secret, there are a few things we do not want it to be known by everyone. Ever happened in my life, when too many people are aware of things that should be kept as a secret, a very big impact on my work.

When I come, why things like this happen, it seemed, had a friend who shared this story, and expect them to keep it secret.

And this is the reason I wrote this story. If more than one person or three people who know the story of the so-called secrets, it is no longer a secret. It is a story that can be shared with everyone.

Hmm, we are determined to keep the secret, but others who share their stories with others. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find people who can really be trusted.

Are people now can not afford to keep a good thing or not really hold in trust.

Who do you really trust? What are the people around you are people who can be trusted? Are most of your best friend is the one who can be trusted?

The answer will vary with each person. But for sure, it's hard to find someone who can be trusted. I prefer to keep things alone than to share with others. This may be caused by my attitude that is difficult to trust others.

Our opinion may differ, but I'm sure, everyone would have their own way.

I write because I find it.


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